"Aqueous blossoms"
"Aqueous blossoms" photography series, which series won the 1st place - Professional Nature, Flowers. Award in world's one of the prestigious platform International Photography Awards - IPA 2018.


This photo series inspired by Buddha quotes that "The past is no longer there. The future is not yet there. There's only the present moment."

In 2016, I use to be monk for 2 months during that time I had learned meditation that I have to focus on my breath (In-Out) and my master taught me to think about only present as I breathe so I had released worried and sadness about past and future then I could see clearly present is the most important thing to concern.

This project, I have done for remind myself to be with present through capture the moment of acrylic color spreading into the water before covering flower so acrylic color spreading into water stand for mind of people, which is flowing all the time (thinking about past or future) then capture moment stand for present and flower stand for impermanent of every life.
Photographs by Jirawat Plekhongthu
And other images in this series...
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