"The fragments of a childhood" 2022 © Jirawat Plekhongthu

Since I was young, I have been an ornamental fish lover. I love all kinds, especially Koi fish, but my family was not able to feed them because our house had no space for them. One day, I was playing in my uncle’s neighborhood and saw that he bought a new fish called Pla-kad, which in Thai means Siamese Fighting (Betta) fish. That is how I first met Pla-kad and it was love at first sight. They are tiny but full of beauty. The shape and color of the male fish are very unique. They have an elegant giant tail that enlarges for protection and it alarms other threatening Betta fish. Because this species is highly territorial, they are incompatible with others. That impressed me so much that I asked my dad to keep the Pla-kad, and we did. Raising Betta fish has been our favorite activity. This memory made me connect more closely with my dad. 
Today, the Betta fish breed has high levels of color variations and physical appearance due to Thai fish breeding. Since 2015, Pla-kad has attracted me to photography, and as the species continues to improve, my work will depict the most amazing Pla-Kad to the world. 
This work was inspired by Betta fish because I have captured tons of their movements so I have no idea how the next photo will look after I review the photos. I tap into my imagination in order to create this work, and continue until I think it is done. 
I think the past influences us in one way or another. It makes us who we are today and impacts our future. 
The 3 Limited Edition prints accompanying this artwork will be a 24” x 24” photograph on Fine Art Paper (Epson Exhibition Fiber) in a Box White Frame.
About the Exhibition
Since Saatchi Art’s inception over a decade ago, society has undergone massive change on a dramatic scale that continues until today. Social media has transformed the way and rate at which culture is disseminated, who we connect with, and how we interact as a society. We’ve seen the end of decades-long wars and dictatorial regimes, as well as the devastating beginnings of new ones. Social and political awareness has sparked large-scale protests on a global scale, and a shift in public discourse on equity and inclusion. All around the world, communities are forced to adapt to new climate realities, with extreme weather events occurring at increasing frequencies. And, technological innovation—from the first iPad, to the birth of Satoshi Nakomoto’s Bitcoin, to the creation of the first tokenized digital assets—continues to propel us into the future faster than ever before.
Artists have always been at the forefront of cultural and technological shift, their work
an indication of change and what is to come. In a time of great uncertainty and rapid evolution, we asked artists to share what they envision for the coming decades.

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